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[Unknown site tag] I was seriously tempted to delete this journal, just fall off the face of the earth and never look back. I should have realized it just wasn't in the cards. So here I am, back again and trying to smile. Of course, should I suceed it might unravel the fabric of the universe so... we'll just work on not permanently disfiguring the little idiot sitting next to me who keeps sneaking glances my way. ::sighs:: I knew I should never have hacked off the talons.

Yesterday was rather touch and go, all things considered. My relaxing bath turned into a breakdown and my razor was annoyingly dull. I really hate the Venus blades. ::pouts:: But, maybe its a good thing. Got it all out of my system. Maybe. ::sighs:: Whatever.

Anyway, going to go see P & P today. I still maintain, quite adamantly, that Colin Firth is Mr. Darcy and any remake of the BBC mini-series is absolute folly. ::grump:: But, having said that, I still want to see version, even if what I've seen of the casting has left me cold.

Stayed up way too late last night watching the Brokeback Mountain special on VH1. The movie is going to be amazing, I wish I was going to see it today but alas... off to watch Keira Knightly as Elizabeth Bennet. ::headdesk:: Oh well. I'm seeing my movie next week for my birthday, so its not all misery. Although, if little Ms. 'Well Nikki was screaming about it so I want to go see it even though I don't know a thing about,' goes to see it and pings me again we may have a problem.
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